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Individual Students

Yes. All certifications through CPR Works of Charlotte are through the American Heart Association. This is the most widely recognized CPR certification across the United States.

You need to take the BLS Providers Course (either classroom course, or the "online course with skills checks”).

Yes, as long as you complete the required skills check also. You will receive the same certification card as anyone who takes the full course in person. There is no mention of "online course” on your completion eCard.

The AHA recommends that you have a Providers Manual in class with you. If you choose this option, there will be options for you to add a Manual when you register.

No. Online courses do not require any extra materials.

The Heartsaver CPR course covers CPR basics and meets the needs of non-healthcare providers (this option is great for personal trainers, teachers, construction workers, parents, and anyone else who wants to learn these life-saving techniques).

No. Some courses do not require skills check off. Refer to the online course page for detailed information.

Yes. Some online courses issue continuing education credits. Refer to the online course page for detailed information.

If your card was issued by CPR Works of Charlotte, we will have you in our data base. We can issue a replacement card for a nominal fee. You can request a replacement card here:

You should be able to log back in to the "My Online” AHA Network and re-print your online completion certificate.

You may reschedule your class within 30 days or request a 50% refund for a complete cancellation.

You may reschedule at any time as long as you complete your skills check off within 60 days of completing your online course.

CPR certifications through the American Heart Association are valid for 2 full years.

If you purchase you course through CPR Works you will schedule your skills at the time you register here:

No. Skills check off is included in your course price. If you purchase your course outside of CPR Works and want just a skills check it will be $40.00 for your individual appointment.

Your online course will inform you of the skills you’ll need to perform at your skills check off session.

If you’ve never had a hands-on CPR course it is recommended that you enroll in a hands on course rather than online. You need hands on practice.

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