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Amazon Echo and CPR

0 June Monday, 2017 in CPR Training by MAtkins

Did you know that your Amazon Echo device can walk you through CPR or even describe the warning signs of a heart attack or a stroke?

The AHA is very proud to announce the release our first AHA skill which features Hands-Only CPR instruction and heart attack and stroke warning signs.

The first step is to enable the skill in the Alexa app or by saying, "Alexa, enable American Heart Association.” Next, you would say:

— "Alexa, ask American Heart… how do I perform CPR?”
— "Alexa, ask American Heart… what are the warning signs of a heart attack?”
— "Alexa, ask American Heart… what are the warning signs for stroke?”

With about 8.2 million Amazon Echo devices in the US, our skill further expands our potentially lifesaving content into American homes, where nearly 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur. This is merely a first step in the artificial intelligence (A.I.) space, and we have ambitious plans to add more AHA features and content soon!

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